Friday, 24 June 2011

Introducing Boudior Prive . . .

I made a post a while ago about singing the praises of Glossy Box, which if you don't remember is a company that sends you 5 luxury cosmetics for £10 a month. (Mine came today but I missed the postman, now I have to go to the post office *drat!!*). Now since Glossy Box have over-exceeded their subscriptions & if you placed an order now you wouldn't receive a box til August/September.

Well, Lets meet the newest box on the Block, Boudior Prive!

Officially launching in July, Boudoir Prive is a 'private beauty club that is dedicated to helping you find your next favourite cosmetics'. Every month they send you 6 sample size products, as well as beauty recommendations and reviews. Plus If you decide that you love a product you have been sent by them, youu can buy it on their website at a membership discount price.

All in all, It's the same concept & cost of a Glossy Box (£10), however the main difference lies in the exclusivity, getting 6 beauty products as opposed to 5 and you being able to receive a box in July rather than August

To get a chance to apply for limited membership, click here