Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Weekly Potrait #2

1) I've been soooo busy at work this week that I've barely done anything at all, which is a nuisance as I actually had things I planned do this week. *sigh* Oh well I must work with the time I have now, especially as my house is going to be full to the brim this weekend with relatives *eeiikk*

2) Since I've been working in Selfridge all week, I thought I'd take advantage of their Make up counters during my breaks *rubs palms in glee*. I headed first to the NARS counter to play with their illuminators and try out their foundation, as I've read sooooo many reviews on it but I've never had the chance to try it and . . . . me thinks I like it.

3) I also tried the YSL highlighter pen in my shade (I think it was a 6 or a 7). All I know is I NEED that pen in my life and I'm adding it to the TOP of my July wish-list.

4) I don't know if I've mentioned this yet but I'm in the process of moving all my things from Leicester back to London and redecorating my little sister's room to move into it ( as her room is bigger than my old room and she's at uni right now so doesn't need it). I've realised that I really hate manual labour and I should have paid someone to do all this moving for me . . .I mean I now have bruises, where no bruises used to be!!!