Monday, 16 May 2011

Searching High and Low for the Perfect Liquid Eyebrow Pen

So there I was, at the library, supposed to be doing my dissertation on the Sexual Harassment of men (Yes, this is my dissertation topic, and Noooo, im not a sociology student, Im a Business Student,  . .but yh moving on) and I suddenly remebered I needed a new eyebrow pen,and read a blog review about liquid eyebrow pens and I thought I might as well try them out as they are supposed to be easier to use that a pencil and better still I don't need to look around for my sharpener every time by pencil gets blunt. But lordy these products are ridiculously hard to find! Despite a 2 hour on-line search, I only found two available in the UK

The first Eyebrow Liquid Eyebrow pen I found was by SUQQO's Liquid Pen R. (rrp £20)

Suqqo decribes this eyebrow pen as 'Water and oil resistant' and that it can last a WHOLE day without smudging and also 'helps to define the eyebrows and enhance natural shape'. To be honest I was so set on buying this pen . . until I saw the 2 shade colours that this pen comes in  . .  . green and brown (¬_¬) . . . who the hell wears green on their eyebrows and excuse me but that brown looks fairly green too. *HEARTBREAK*.Now I could buy this pen in brown and pray that it comes out in a usable colour but let's face it . . I'm a student . . . and I don't want to waste what little money I have on a product that might not suit me

The second eyebrow pen up for discussion tonight is Mac's Penultimate Eyebrow Marker.

MAC promise that this pen-style maker will give 'well-defined,natural looking finish',  provides precision with its 'tapered tip' and it is fast drying so you don't have to fan your eyebrows before you can move on with the rest of your make-up. Now this product only comes in one colour - "Universal", which is a dark brown colour which is great as that is actually the colour I am searching for when it comes to my eyebrows (One shade lighter than your natural hair colour and all that jazz).

Now out of the two, it is a little obvious that I am going to get MAC Eyebrow Marker and I will be putting up a mini review on this product very, very soon

Kisses for now