Monday, 16 May 2011

Perfectly Tinted View . . . .

Summer is (finally) here signalling a change of my make-up regime and this year I've decided upgrade my regime and try  something new. Now normally I use a Maybelline's dream matte mousse in the summertime, because its so light and feels quite nice on my skin, unfortunately its not really the right shade for me and often makes me look quite monotone (if I can even use that word in this way), but it is a matte foundation so I guess its doing its job.

Keeping with my foundation theme of light-weight and light-coverage, I have decided to go with a tinted moisturiser this summer, which in my shade (I am Afro-British by the way, NW45) is quite difficult to find in the UK as it still doesn't full cater to its Afro-community in terms of cosmetology,despite this (major hindrance) I am going to do a quick quick quick wishlist of the tinted moisturisers I want to get this summer and I promise to do a review of them, once I get them

1) Elf Tinted Moisturiser in Espresso/Mocha (rrp £3.50)

I have heard mixed reviews about this product, but I can't fully rate this product until I've had the chance to review it myself, and at £3.50, even if I don't like it, I'm not exactly breaking the bank

2) Black-up Complexion Oil Free (rrp £24.50)

I just recently found out about Black up cosmetics, during a random search of the Debenhams' website, so I can't wait to try this product out lool I will probably do a FULL review of this product when (and if) I get this

3) Smash-box Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturiser in Dark (rrp £22.95)

This looks very light on-line so I need to go down to my nearest smash-box counter and see if the colour looks much nicer in person

 I absolutely love Clinique, and this product promises to offer a decent amount of coverage, so lets hope it lives up to its promise

5) Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser in Deep Tint (rrp £27)

What can I say about Bobbi Brown, she definitely know something about Make-up but I don't normally buy her products as I find them high priced and as I'm only using this for a few months, I won't purchase this product unless it trumps the previous moisturisers


Epiphannie x x