Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Welcome back, Welcome back, welcome baaaccckkk

Hellooooo there loool I'm back,

I know I have been so M.I.A but I have had exams and a dissertation and then there's studying . . . I have just generally been busy but I'm back now and ready to blog again *insert audience cheering*

Ok so I can just start blogging again without too much of a catch up session, I'm going to just jump into a May highlight so I can carry on with June

1) I'm (unofficially) a graduate now, signalling a move from 3 years of independence back into my lil ol' room in London (¬_¬) . . but I will be redecorating so that's definitely something to look forward to

2) I've taken on a little blogging post at JMfashionfrenzy which is just a blog magazine sent up on Facebook catering to all things fashion, but all I ever post is to to with beauty so *le shrug*

3) I've got a JOB (albeit a temporary one) but I love it and I cant wait to start loool

4) I've grown (Ok it's not a lot but I think I might be 5.8 and a half) yooppeeeee *I have a slight Napoleon complex*

5) I have sorted out a blogging schedule for my blog, I'm going to update it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but I plan to throw in a few random posts and maybe a Youtube video or two, if i ever buy a clear camcorder