Friday, 21 June 2013

Review | Clayspray Pore Refining White Clay

I have never used a clay mask before. 

I haven't used one because my mum told me a story of how she once used a clay mask and feel asleep in it and ended up looking like a pensioner for almost two weeks  . . . and I don't know about you but that's a very effective shock tactic. Now I obviously know you are not meant to sleep in a clay mask but    my mum's story has acted as a deterrent for many years until now. A few weeks ago, Clayspray - a Spanish Skincare Brand - launched their Sprayable Claymasks into the UK beauty market and gave me their lovely mask to try out. 

The Clayspray Masks are very unique as they are 60-65% pure clay in an emulsified formulation. Normal claymasks only have 10-15% clay in their formulations so not only is this the purest clay mask in the world but thanks to the way that the Clayspray products are made and their emulsion formula, the masks last a lot longer than clays that come in tubs, sachets and powder etc. because they are not exposed to air the minute they are opened, they do not start to deteriorate and get all hard/ dried out 
I was give their Pore Refining White Clay Masque (RRP £44.50) and their H20 Hydrate Mineral Water  in a Spray (£17.50) to try out and let me just admit that these pictures were taken a while ago - as I still have hair - but here's a quick gif-torial on how to use the Clayspray masks.
My tip for using any of the Clayspray Masks is to moisturise your face with a facial oil afterwards as your face might feel a bit tight afterwards but I do quite like the results of this mask. I don't normally do mask's very often - once every month is fine by me - and I have never used a clay mask before this but I did feel that my pores looked smaller and my face felt very supple.

Overall I quite like the Clayspray Pore Refining Mask and think it's price-worthy but I honestly feel that the H20 Mineral Water Spray is a teensy bit overpriced for water in a can and I will find a cheaper alternative when it runs out.