Monday, 24 June 2013

IMATS 2013 Haul

On Saturday, I went to makeup heaven and spazzed out at the NARS counter - true story!!! I know I love to drone on and on about the simplest thing but let's face it this is probably the best way to summarise everything that happened to me at the IMATS 2013 in a sentence. 

This is my second time attending the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) but the first time attending on a saturday. Last year, when I went on a Sunday almost all the good deals were gone which was a bit disappointing but this year I was prepared to fight the crowds to get what I wanted . . . and as an extra precaution, (for the safety of other of course) I made sure to go with Grace to reign me in so I didn't look like a complete nutter.
I like to think I was very good on Saturday but I know Grace and Mez would probably disagree (might have something to do with me sitting down on the floor at the NARS counter - very friendly staff btw). From NARS I bought the Laguna highlighter, Marina & Never Say Never lip pencils, Trans Siberian & Fast Ride lipsticks, J. Mendell Fall 2007 Lip palette, Surabaya Duo eyeshadow palette and Lokoum cream blush.
At the OCC Makeup stall, I finally got myself some Lip Tars!!!! These have been on my must-have list for months and the pigmentation on these babies are just out of this world. I think I got my beauty blender from the same stall or the one right next to it but in all honesty, everything is a blur right now. Finally I picked up a blush brush and contour brush from Bdellium, a Bend Nye Ebony Translucent Powder, N8 lipstick from Makeup Forever AND 6 gorgeous lashes from Eldora.
Personally I love that NARS were an exhinitor this year but I also think the selection of exhibitors this year was much smaller that last year. I mean Sleek and Illamasqua weren't even there, Can you believe that???? Despite this I can't wait for next year. I'm going to take even more money and head straight to the NARS counter. No discussion. 

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