Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Trend On Trial: Orange Makeup

As orange was named as one of the domineering Spring/Summer 2013 makeup trends (as well as a few other things), I thought that a quick post on one of the happiest colours around was an appropriate celebration for a sunny weekend.

Ok let me just start off by saying that despite the fact that I look like I am topless, I’m actually not. It was just hot this weekend and I was wearing a boob tube top loool I didn’t realize til it was time to edit the pictures that it almost looks like I’m in the buff (when I’m really not) . . . it was just really warm in my room . . . I swear!!!!!

Now that disclaimer is out of the way, I actually love orange . . . as a lipgloss or a blush. I’ve never really been into orange-toned lipsticks as I find them very bold and difficult to pull off properly. I have seen many ladies with bright orange lips that makes me cringe inwardly and want to scrub off their lipstick with a wet wipe. On Saturday; while doing a few errands for “The Mother”, I popped into Superdrug and somehow managed to leave with Sleek Makeup’s True Colour OMG Sheen Lipstick, which would you believe is a bright orange-toned red lipstick! Actually scratch that, OMG has more orange in it that Red so I’m just going to call it as it is.

To support my new bold lip, I decided to test just how much orange I could place on my face without looking like the sun baby in the Teletubbies. A swish of Stargazer’s Orange Eyeshadow (from the Velvet palette) across my eyelid with MAC Rule Eyeshadow to blend and soften it out, creating a warm matte eye.

Going for a dramatic blush effect, I swept Sleek Makeup’s Aruba Powder Blush over my cheeks, high into the sides of my face. Unfortunately Aruba is a Limited Edition Powder Blush but NARSExhibit A is a great alternative . . . more expensive, but a great alternative.

As confused as I am over my lipstick choice, it did inspire me to make this post so all is well that ends well (I suppose) as it meant I got to paint my nails with Superdry’s Sweet Peach Nail Paint and Leighton Denny’s Hanky Panky Nailpolish and I’ve been looking for a reason to wear these for almost a year!