Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Know Your Hair, Love Your Hair

To promote their new  “Know Your Hair, Love Your Hair” campaign; designed to educate women about their hair type and how to best protect it during heat styling. Cloud Nine Haircare hosted their very first bloggers event at the Trevor Sorbie Salon.
As overusing heating tools (regardless of how much protection you put in your hair) can leave it very dry, lackluster and brittle. Knowing this Cloud Nine has redeveloped their website to give customers an interactive and engaging experience. Using a 6-step online questionnaire, Cloud Nine customers identify their hair types and follow an interactive program of styling care tips and recommendations for their hair’s optimum temperature level.
At the blogger’s event,  Cloud Nine demonstrated 6 different celebrity inspired hair looks using their products. The stand out for me was the “MicroWand” (RRP. £89.95) which is perfect to get Kelly Rowland Curls (and you know how much I adore Kelly Rowland) and also small enough to pop into your handbag or suitcase for travelling. Marin looked so amazing with her curly ‘Fro after the staff at Trevor Sorbie were through with her AND I’m quite proud that I resisted the temptation to pet her hair because it looked sooooo soft!!!!!
The Core Cloud Nine Electrical Styling Range holds 9 styling products. The Irons (Original, Wide and Micro) which are ceramic plated straightening irons with a one-touch, variable temperature control that can be used on long to short hair lengths. The O pods and rollers which where introduced in 2012 and are fast heating rollers that heats the hair from the inside out for longer lasting curls and of course the Wands (Original, Waving and Micro) which are designed for a beautifully formed curl or wave for short to long lengths.