Sunday, 24 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 23: Ruby Kisses

Another MUA Cosmetics lipstick shade and this just might be the cult shade in their lipstick range as everyone I know seems to own this and love it. Can you blame them?? This shade is amazing and only costs £1!!!!

I could have sworn that I had already posted about this lipstick but I just couldn't find the post and I even had to resort to googling my own blog to find out if I had posted on this lippie before (a bit of a lazy way but let's face it, it still worked).
MUA Cosmetics Lipstick in Shade 1 is a bright, ruby red lipstick that has this 'one-size, fits all' thing going on. It feels a bit like a cremesheen but you can never be too sure as MUA Cosmetics don't jot down the lipstick formulation on their labels (which peeves me off a little). The wear time is not phenomenal on this lipstick but to be honest for £1 if I were to choose between pigmentation or wear-time, I would go for pigmentation.
I really love this lipstick and I actually don't have that much left in it before I have to get a new tube but its an amazing purchase for only £1