Friday, 22 February 2013

Get In Touch With Your Psyche

With more and more offline stores going online, I love it when I’m introduced to an online retail that has so much presence I wasn’t quite sure if I was looking at an online magazine or an online retail store. Psyche is an award winning premium store (think Selfridges/Harrods but in the North) providing fashion for men, women and kids with more bags and shoes on display than you will ever find outside of London.
I just have to show a few things I love about this website before I get into my top 3 items that someone needs to buy me to make me a very happy bunny
 Can you see why I got confused?

I can’t even remember the last time I came across a retail store whose blog is ACTUALLY updated and worth reading. I actually think a lot of companies have just added on a blog tab because it is the “done thing” now but fail to really engage with it but I actually quite like the Psyche’s Blog and you can tell that it actually gets updated *Brands take note!!!*. Ok I’m going to stop gushing about the website now and turn my focus to some amazing items on the Psyche website that my sticky little fingers need to get ahold of.

Ok you all know I have a thing for feathers so I was bound to highlight the Maison Scotch Women Zip Detail Sweater. It just looks so cozy and there are feathers on it!!! I want!!!!!

Is it weird that when I saw this Juicy Couture Bronze Face Triple Dial Watch I didn’t immediately think Juicy Couture?? I don’t know why but I have this view of Juicy Couture only selling pink velour suits and pink related accessories. Well I have been proved wrong because this watch is just ‘Gone with the wind, Fabolous’!!!!
Pink, Patent & Ted Baker . . . YES!!! This Ted Baker Pink Patent Tb Purse is actually calling my name through the computer screen.
Ok so that’s what I’m loving on the Psyche website right now. I’m going to leave you now because I really want to have look at the Psyche Lookbook that I’ve loaded up on my iPad

Have you ever heard about Psyche before?? Do you feel that they have taken the extra step with their website??