Thursday, 21 February 2013

Do You Actually Know What The Word Swatch Means?????

Someone out there really wants me to blow me top off at them but please understand that I am  really trying to get this across without swearing (which if you know is very difficult to do when I’m pissed off) but after receiving an email; *which fyi swiftly got deleted* about my lipstick swatches, I thought that I better address this now so that the next time this 'unhelpful advice' is given, I have full reign to rip off that person's head.

My lipstick swatches posts & lipstick gallery are all true swatches of the lipstick on me. If I add lipliner or mix the colour with anything (bases, lipglosses, lipsticks etc) it changes the true nature of the lipstick and defeats my purpose of even putting the picture or post up in the first place.

I have done this so that you have a CLEAR idea of what you are buying so if you choose to purchase a lipstick that I have blogged about. Of course I know that sometimes lipliner is needed to make a lipstick colour really work for you but I would much rather show you in black, white and pink what a lipstick is about and give you recommendations on some ways to wear it.

What good is it to hype up a lipstick to you and tell you that its a great purchase when I have done everything possible on this earth to change the way it looks on me??  I am really hopping mad about this right now but I really needed to write this post to get my frustrations off my chest before I demolish something in rage.