Thursday, 31 January 2013

Red Hot Glitz!!!!

A really, great blogger I’ve come in contact with recently is Kamen from Kaka’s Beauty Blog. She’s really my kind of girl. She is all kinds of wacky and loves to try out new things on her blog . . .plus she seems to have a creepy obsession with all things purple (Yes, Kamen you do . . . don’t try and deny it). 

Today’s post is Valentines Day (or Singles Day) Inspired as I am going to be covering myself in red. It actually looks like red threw up on me . . ok that’s not a pretty visual, ignore that I wrote that. This post was originally meant to go up on Monday but life and me losing my memory card got in the way. Hope you like it though and do check out Kamen's take on all things red
I've used Barry M's Pigment in Cherry Red all over my eyelids, blending in the crease with a intense black eyeshadow from Bourjois. Slapping on my favourite bright red lipgloss; besotted from Illamasqua all over my lips. The red blush you can see is Sleek Scandalous, a bright red, limited edition blush I recently got in a blogsale that just seemed so perfect for this post I had to add it.
Hope you love all this red because quite frankly I’m surprised I had this much in the first place. Just goes to show that when you’re on a spending ban, past hoarding comes in useful. I really wish I wore more red as a classic red nailpolish would have been perfect but alas I'm not actually the biggest fan of red nails . . . ok I can't paint my nails so I don't buy nailpolish but if I had the patience to do them, just know some red talons would have been featured