Thursday, 17 January 2013

How To:- Give Your Hair A Quick Hot Oil Treatment

I’m not the most ingredient saavy blogger on the block, I might just be the laziest (but the award for that is still pending). I took out my extensions last week as I just wanted to give myself and my hair a break but today everything is going back into cornrows so I thought that I should share a SUPER QUICK DIY Hot Oil Treatment you can do to nourish you hair and beat the cold winter conditions.

While a normal hot oil treatment requires an oil (obviously), it’s worth noting that different kind of oils have different kinds of effects on your hair and in my opinion concocting the right mix takes a lot of time. To fast forward the cauldron process I am going to be using Curl Harmony’s Buttercream, that I received just before the winter break.
Curl Harmony’s Buttercream is a mixture of natural butters and oils (Shea Butter, Kokum Butter & Avocado Oil) that’s conditions your hair to stop frizzing and add shine. It costs £4.95 for 60ml or £14.50 for the 250ml version so is quality for money.  If I was using it as a hair-dress I would use this SPARINGLY as it is so rich it would weigh down my hair but as I’m going to be heating this up with hot water and using this as my main hot oil treatment ingredient.

Step 1 – Heat the Oil

The easiest way is to take off the label from the buttercream container and dunk it in some hot water (yes I am that lazy), but if you want to do it the “right” way I recommend removing the buttercream from it’s container and putting it in a small bowl.

Step 2 – Apply Oil to Hair

Pour a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and massage it into your scalp. Continue this process until all your hair is covered in oil.

Step 3 – Comb

Using a large tooth comb through your hair to make sure the oil is evenly distributed. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to your ends as they are the driest part of your hair and need the most TLC.

Step 4  - Cover Your Hair & Wait an hour

Cover your hair with a shower cap (or in my case cling film because you couldn’t remember where you chucked your shower cap after being liberated of extensions) and wait an hour.

Step 5 – Wash!!

After an hour, wash everything out and comb your hair to remove any tangles.

I really hope you like my lazy way to do the hot oil treatment. I actually loved using Curl Harmony’s Buttercream as I don’t normally use these oils on my hair and me thinks my hair loves the change. I almost (almost) regretted having to put my hair in extensions but let’s be honest . . . I’m too lazy to deal with my hair without extensions loool.