Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Review:- Milkshake Active Milk Mask

I’m getting in the hang of doing hair product reviews right now. I think having my hair in extensions made me less willing to try out products but now that I have no hair and I get my hair cut every 3 weeks. Any obvious damage will be snipped off . . .not that I want to incur any damage . . . I’m just saying.

Milkshake’s Active Milk Mask (RRP: £13.69) is a rich milk protein conditioner with rice oils, avocado oils/vitamin E (which grows hair and aids in hair loss) and the exclusive Milkshake Range Patented, Antioxidant Complex, Integrity 41 and is sold on which is one of the UK’s leading online retailers for hair care, hair extensions and beauty products
I’ve never used milk protein before on my hair so while it did smell like I had dunked my hair in a bowl of cereal (minus the Frosties obviously). I felt that it had a very clean soothing scent, that’s is not overwhelming in anyway. Perfect for anyone who hates heavily scented products
I’m not too sure if it’s because I actually followed the instructions for using this milk mask (I normally ignore the time limits and keep all treatments and masks in my hair for up to an hour) or whether this treatment just does not sit well with my current hair routine; which is heavily focused on moisturizers and conditioners that the effects that the Milkshake Active Milk Mask didn’t really make a difference to the quality of my hair but I’m not a quitter so I decided to use my Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo to strip some of the silicone build up on my hair and try this mask again for a longer period of time to clearly see whether or not it makes any difference to my hair.
One warm towel and one hour later, my hair loves and hates this product. 

The chemically straighten parts of my hair didn't seem to react very well to this conditioner but where my hair is more natural (at the back & sides of my hair & my regrowth under the chemically straighten hair) really likes this. As I type (as I just used this last night) my hair is waging a curly/straight war . 

Personally I’m not too sure if this product works for me right now (style wise). I will finish using it (waste not, want not) but as a pre-shampoo treatment. I might try it out on my cousin’s hair next time I babysit as they have a different curl pattern than mine and this might make more of a difference to the appearance of their hair.

Have you ever used a milk protein on your hair before? How did it work out for you? Do you have any tricks that might help me make the most of this?