Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Review:- Etat Pur Biomimetic Radiant Complexion Care in B37

I have a blogger confession to make . . . I have broken the ‘golden’ blogger rule. . the product I am about to show has been obsessed over and used repeatedly before a blog picture was taken


I know I’m really not meant to use products without taking a product first but  what started as a small swatch on my face has turned into obsessive morning usage EVERY morning for the last 2 weeks. I’m even going to buy backup of this just incase it gets dangerously low, and I resort to cutting it open with a pair of scissors so I can squeeze out the last remnants of product while waiting for the postman to deliver the new batch. *deep breath in* Ok I know I’m being ever so slightly dramatic but all that matters is that after what seemed like forever, I’ve finally gotten round to reviewing Etat Pur Biomimetic Skincare.

Etat Pur Biomimetic Radiant Complexion Care in B37 (RRP £12.60) is a formulated a lot like a BB cream in the sense that its slightly tinted apricot formula fills in and even outs your skin leaving it moisturised and with faded-out imperfections.

 With Hyaluronic acid to regenerate and protect, vegetable oils (olive, soya, sunflower, rise germ etc) for nutrition and Ascorvyl tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C derivative) and Isodermic water, this bb cream/skin care hybrid contains more than 98% of ingredients identical to those found in the skin so it works with perfect affinity with your skin without containing:-

‘Parabens, Mineral Oils, Animal ingredients, phenoxyethanol, synthetic colourings, silicones, PED, or allergens’
 With the advice of the Pampered Prince (All hail the Skincare Prince!!!) I’ve been on the hunt for skincare products with vitamin C as he advised me that it would probably work the best for my skin type and honestly that guy knows what he is talking about. I’ve been using the B37 Radiant Care as a primer under my makeup and I just love it. It works so well with both my crème and liquid foundations, and I feel like my skin has actually improved since using this. I haven’t broken out to any products in 3 weeks and also the rather bad breakout caused by using a certain brands BB cream has completely cleared with minor-to-no scarring!!!!!
Although the B37 is supposed to be used with combination and oily skin, and I am better off using the B39 in the Biomimetic range, I don’t think I am going to switched over because I don’t feel I desperately need to as this works so well for me.