Thursday, 27 September 2012

Review: Lauren’s Way Dream Rollers

Doing something a little different today! I'm doing a HAIR POST!!!!!
 I sometimes use bendy rollers on my hair while I sleep to get the curls I want but I find that these are fricking uncomfortable and I have been known to unconsciously rip them out of my hair in the middle of the night because I was so uncomfortable. I actually stopped using bendy rollers on my hair because I did this one night only to realize when I woke up that the bendy roller was stuck in my hair with no obvious way to get out  . . . lets just say a pair of scissors was involved.

At the Olympia Beauty Show that took place over the weekend, I bought the Lauren’s Way Dream Roller Set for £15, which seemed like deal at the time, only to get home and realised that the set sold for £16.95 (not much of a deal there, is it?).

The Dream Rollers are foam and Velcro hair rollers that have been tested and designed for you to get great voluminous curls and body while you sleep. The pink Velcro is very nifty (yup old school words) when it came to holding my hair and I founf that I didn’t really have to use that many roller clips to secure it (which is great because I could only find about 8).


Apply to Dry Hair before Bed 
Separate you hair into small sections smaller or equal in size to the roller
Aplly roller to the section of hair and roll upwards (secure with hair clips if required)
Go to sleep
Wake up and take them out

Seriously it’s very easy to use this and I’m not too sure why I included steps because it is just dead easy to use but I'm putting pictures of how I did it Laalaa GIF style
I love the whole aspect of these rollers. I spent the majority on Tuesday night prancing around my room in a bit of a Mad Men vibe with mini airplane sized coke cans in my hair. The one thing I really did not like about this product is that when I took them out I felt that the Velcro made it a bit messy and difficult to take out of my hair but by flipping my hair down and brushing my hair in this position I was able to get the following results
I love the dream rollers and am contemplating buying more because I love how comfortable they are and also the effect the gives me; which FYI is the reason I did this post in Sepia. 

I’ve been asked to do a video on twitter on how I used the dream rollers because my results were great (if I do say so myself) and if you want to know how to recreate my results then check back between Sunday and Tuesday for the video