Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review:- Illamasqua Besotted Intense Lipgloss

I’m getting into the habit of digging deep into my makeup hoard and showing cosmetics that I own that have never really bad a blog appearance (so don’t slate me for posting nearly finished products. I love it so I share it!!)
My new Muji storage 5 drawers systems has actually brought to my attention how much makeup I have that I have NEVER reviewed so best get comfy as I’m going to do just that (but obviously not in one post, so breathe a sigh of relief).

 Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Besotted is a scarlett, red lip-gloss that is, well, intense. To me, it’s so opaque and intense that it comes off  more like a liquid lipstick packaged in a squeezy tube than a conventional lip-gloss. Honestly I love the scarlett red shade of this lip-gloss as I have been looking for a lipstick alternative for MONTHS and still haven’t found a great shade so Besotted does get a lot of playtime.
 I bought this along with a few other lip products  during their January Online Sales (can’t believe I’ve had this that long) and honestly while I love the shade and the liquid lipstickness of it (look at me making up words), I’m not a fan of how it initially feels on my lips as it can feel a bit heavy. I also find that the applicator on this makes it very difficult to apply this but apart from that I love the scent, how hydrating it is and shade.

How do you like your lip-glosses? As Opaque, liquid lipsticks or more sheer?