Friday, 7 September 2012

Adding to my Brush Collection: Becca Cosmetics #58 Foundation Brush

It seems that my brush collection is gradually inching forward into something I can be proud of  . . actually I'm more proud that I own so many brushes and actually KNOW what they are meant to do on my face.

My newest addition is Becca Cosmetics #58 brush  (rrp. £33) which is a multi-functional tapered three-toned synthetic Taklon fibre brush that works well with liquid and cream products and also doubles up as a foundation and concealer brush. When I saw this at the Keziah Connects Event a few months ago I knew I had to have it in my collection because as I felt that it had a very unique twist to the standard makeup brushes that are floating about in the blogosphere at the moment.
Its bullet tip is soft yet sturdy and brilliant at working around those awkward corners around my nose, lips and brows without a big pile of products being dumped on.
Although this brush can be used with liquid foundations I wouldn't recommend it being used for this as it can it can give a very sheer finish so I suggest using this just with your cream (or creme *whatever*) foundations or products, and it will work like a beautiful dream.
Does anyone know of any unique shaped makeup brushes floating around?? I'm looking to expand my brush collection and want some oddities to be included.