Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nominate me for the Precious Blogger of the Year!!!! (Pretty Please)

Hello my lovelies,

Sorry for the missed posts this week  but as some of you might know I had a teeny weeny accident on Monday which resulted in me going to the hospital and getting 5 stitches in my leg (my beautiful leg *dissolves in tears*).

Anyway because of where the cut is positioned, I've been in a bit of pain (as you can imagine) and having been popping 500mg Panadol like they are skittles.

I just wanted to make a quick post letting you know what happened . . . if you are nosey, click on this link and want to see a picture of the nurse doing a mini operation on me (got the junior nurse to take the pictures because I'm weird like that)

Anyway like the post header says, Precious the online Magazine are holding their 6th Annual Precious Awards and i would really, really (really) appreciate it if you could nominate me and my blog for the award.
It's super easy as you only have to know the name of my blog (it's Epiphannie A: Beauty by a Disneyvore  . . . in case you didn't know) and tell them why you like my blog in 50 words or less


So get involved and get nominating!!!!!