Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I think I need a holiday . . .

Reading one of the many email newsletters that pop into my inbox on a daily basis about train journeys you need to book this year, I couldn’t help but realize that 2012 is almost over and I haven’t been anywhere on holiday yet.

I haven’t boarded a plane, train or boat. I haven’t gone quad biking, screamed my lungs off on a sped-boat or eaten weird food that I know would probably make me sick but still eat anyway for the bragging rights.

The train journey that grabbed my interest was meant to take you on the scenic route to snow-capped mountains straight out of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and quite honestly I am this close to attempting to reserve a luxury ski chalet in Zermatt with and dragging my unsuspecting best friend and sis along with me.

Just imagine . . .

*Does weird screen distorting effect that happens on TV when someone is imagining something (you know the one)*

Drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows in a chalet while people slide down a mountain in style (that’s what I call snowboarding/skiing) and mentally wishing that someone smacks straight into a tree . . . not because I’m mean but I just really want to see if it happens as often as people say it does.

Yhhhhhh . . . I think I might as well use some of the holiday I have left for the year and take a well-deserved break.

I’m sure you lovely people would look after the blog while I’m gone  . . .right??

Have you been on holiday yet this year?? Where did you go so I can start researching places I should go.