Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ybf beauty is back on QVC

I always thought shopping on QVC was an American thing that never crossed over the channel until my last year in uni when I found the QVC channel during a round of insomnia.

I have found some great brands (and learnt a few tricks) from the brands and makeup artists that get featured on the channel and right now there is a big buzz on ybf beauty coming back to QVC UK.
 Founded by former international FORD Model Stacey Schiefflin, ybf beauty has been forging a reputation as a brand for anyone who wants to learn the tips, tricks & trade secrets that Stacey has picked up backstage from the true professionals at runway shows like Dior, YSL and Vogue
 Stacey’s signature style is to start off every hour of her show bare face and her hair in rollers – so it is a lot like watching a youtube tutorial, as you get to go through each product application and transformation step-by-step.
Who can resist the rubies?
ybf beauty is hosting four 1 hour shows to mark its return to the
UK with a major premier on QVC scheduled for
the today (the 3rd) at 2pm & 9pm, and tomorrow (the 4th of July) at 1pm & 5pm