Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Should I Boycott MAC???

I’m really not sure on whether to write this post or not as I am not the biggest advocate against Animal Testing and I secretly think that half the members of PETA are a bit bonkers but I do have a personal anti-torture, anti-cruelty and anti-unnecessary pain policy on anything and everything as I don’t enjoy the thought of benefiting from something else pain and misery (yes I am very empathic . . .hence why I am a Disneyvore).

Recently, I have found out that two of my all time favourite brands MAC Cosmetics and Revlon have admitted that they do test on animals and have been removed from the PETA cruelty free list.

Assuming that they have taken this stance as they want to break into China where it is required by law to test products on animal, I feel a bit uneasy that first of all I had no clue that Revlon wasn’t cruelty free and second what the hell happened to MAC’s policy of ‘Tested on Models, not Animals’???!!!!
Image from So What? So there!

I would really hate to boycott MAC as living in London it literally is one of the only brands where a dark skinned girl can easily find your skin shade so I would be really gutted to have to give it up.

What do you guys think about MAC and their new animal testing policy? Is it worth a boycott, should I look at it as more as them required to do so by law or should I stop imagining little monkeys with their eyes stretched out and little acid drops going into their bloodshot eyes (Yes, this is literally my mental image of what animal testing is about  . . . tad bit dramatic, but Oh well it’s the Disneyvore thinking)

I would really like to know what you guys think so please leave a comment below