Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review:- Sleek 2012 London Olympic Collection Blush in Honour

I heard about the new Sleek Makeup Collection inspired by the London 2012 Olympics a few weeks backs and while I was excited (and a feeling a mild bit patriotic) about the new cosmetics collection . . . all my focus went on the blush, Honour.
I have a growing obsession with the pigmentation and great-quality of Sleek blushes and own quite a few (10 & counting, baby). In the stock pictures, Honour looked like a peachy-coral colour which I wasn't too sure about but after great reviews for Laa laa from Dolce Vanity, I thought why not just give it a try.
Honour swatches beautifully on very dark skin. A pretty deep rose-gold that warms up the skin without feeling like you are drowning in shimmer. On my skin it comes off as a beautiful wine/plum infused with beautiful gold specks so I can definitely see why it is sold out in a few stores. Honour follows Sleek Make-Up blush formula, so is soft, (but not annoyingly so) easy to apply and blend and has a good wear time. For me, it tends to last a good 6/8 hours depending on if my skin is primed or not.

While I do love this shade . . . .I can't help but feel like I've seen it before.
 Honour seems to be a very, VERY close dupe to two other shades that Sleek has previously released. As you can tell from the picture above, Honour, Sunrise and Muscovado seem to be uncomfortably similar in shade and swatches. Though Honour does seem to be darker in the pan when seen in natural day light this does not translate when swatched, making these 3 blushes barely distinguishable from each other.

As much as I like this blush shade (I obviously must like it a lot as I seem to own 3 (¬_¬) ) . . . Is Sleek trying to pull a fast one on its customers??