Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Review: MAC Fashion Set - Spice Lipglass

Earlier this month MAC introduced the ‘Fashion Sets’ which are sets of a lipstick, lip-glass and lip liner, colour-based on the six most popular shades of a particular region. For the UK, it was Girl About Town, Impassioned, Rebel, Morange and Spice.

Now before you get all happy and think MAC have finally thrown its faithful users a bone and all products in the set are sold separately
After seeing a swatch the Spice Set on Gulnit’s blog, I knew I wanted to get something from that set in my collection and after a pretty lousy day last week (Click here to read all about it; blog rant style) which resulted in a mini MAC Haul, I decided on the Spice Lip-glass. 
Since I’ve been getting more into the groove of lip-gloss, I love the that I now have a nude lip-glass for the lazy days when I’m on the train and can’t be bothered to dive into my makeup case looking for a mirror.
On my darker skin (I’m NW45 btw) Spice comes out a bit on the pinky side of nude, which is pretty much how I like my nude to be honest (No Beiges allowed!!). I think this looks so innocent. I know it might sound a bit odd to call a lipgloss shade innocent but I really think it brings out the girlie-ness in me.
I think I might get the rest of the set before the end of the month . . . . and maybe the Rebel Lipliner

As this is a Limited Collection from MAC if you re thinking of splashing out on one of these sets I suggest you make up your mind before it runs out. Visit your local/favorite MAC store or go online.

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