Friday, 6 April 2012

Eau du Smoke: Sweet Summer

I really love pulling makeup inspirations from requests. I think it brings about a different pace to the blog and really gets me thinking about what looks I am able to do well and what i need to work on. This weeks makeup looks are all going to be based on the classic makeup look that is the smokey eye and it's all because of Fiona, the blogger behind Love Your Tresses.

Love Your Tresses is a London Based blog all about embracing and nurturing your hair and building a healthy hair routine. Fiona's Blog documents her personal journey to get healthier hair and is rammed full of hair advice, regimes, recipes and easy to do hair styles. Love Your Tresses is a great online stop off if you want to pick up practical hints and tips on how to manage hair; relaxed or natural.

Fiona made me pull a 'First' on Epiphannie A. She originally asked me to do a simple dark smokey eye and then a simple green and gold smokey eye look; both of which I had never really done on my blog, but also to do a step-by-step picture tutorial on how I did the look. Today is the last of Fiona's Eau du Smoke Inspirational looks and it is ending on a brighter and summery vibe compared to Mondays and Wednesdays look.
NARS Cream Eyeshadow Duo in Burnt in Blue
Illamasqua Eyeshadow Pigment in Marvel
Barry M Dazzledust in Irridescent Gold 27
MAC Eyeshadow in Texture
MAC Eyeshadow in
MAC Eyeshadow in 
L'oreal Paris Superliner in Carbon gloss
MUA Cosmetics Eyeliner in Black

1. Start off with a clean and primed eye
2. Apply a sparkly teal cream eyeshadow (NARS Burnt in Blue - lighter shade) on the outer two/thirds of your eyelid, leaving the inner third free.
3. Take a flat brush, apply a yellow gold pigment (Illamasqua Eyeshadow Pigment in Marvel ) over the inner third of your eyelid that currently does not have anything on it
4. Taking a White gold or Silver Pigment (Barry M Dazzledust Pigment in Irridescent Gold 27) apply this to the over the gold pigment
5. Now apply a bright blue- teal eyeshadow (MAC Eyeshadow in ) all over your eye lid, making sure to blend into the gold combination pigment in the inner third of your eyelid
6. Taking a slightly darker blue eyeshadow (MAC Eyeshadow in ), work this shade lightly into your crease, blending outwards.
7. Taking another brush, take a teal cream eyeshadow (NARS Burnt in Blue - darker shade) and apply this to your lash line.
8. Go over this cream eyeshadow with a darker blue (MAC Eyeshadow in )
9. Lastly, thinly line your eyes with a black eyeliner and apply lashes and work in your highlight of choice (MAC Eyeshadow in Texture )
And there you have it!
Hope you love the looks and the pictorials I have done. Let me know if you think pictorials should play a permanent feature on my blog and please check out Love your Tresses