Thursday, 29 March 2012

Stratfield MAC Haul

Ever since locating the 'hidden' MAC store in Westfield, Stratford, I have been making regular trips swatching, gawking and in some cases buying.
Now I would like to think I have been a fairly good girl lately as I have not had a big haul since the IMATS in early february and let's face it . . . in the Blogosphere that could be considered practically angelic!!! With spring and summer approaching, I have decided to opt for softer shades so this MAC haul is really going to represent that. As I am an eyeshadow chica rather than a lipstick lover, I grabbed myself Sushi Flower, Folie, Stars 'n' Rockets, Bisque and Wedge and for my lipstick, I FINALLY managed to grab Jubilee *Woohoo - Fanfare*
 Bisque, Folie and Wedge are all wearable neutral browns with Folie being the darker of the trio, which I can already predict will be used primarily as a crease or contour shade; as I have been looking softer alternative to MAC's Handwritten. Bisque and Wedge will probably find themselves taking up a residence in the highlight section of my MAC palette.

Stars 'n' Rocket is a shade of purple I've had my eyes on for a while but haven't bought because my brain always tricked me into believing that I already owned it, when I did a mental check of the colours in my palette but I finally have it now *evil laugh*.

Last but not least, Sushi Flower. Sushi Flower was just such a pretty shade of pink and I just felt I had to have it. To be honest, I really do not know what is going on with me and the colour pink these day, maybe I have finally been Barbie-fied . . . (-__-) . . . Ok that's not likely but still me likey me some pink.

Jubilee . . . The way I have searched high and low for this shade of lipstick. I finally own another MAC nude lipstick and I love this sooo much more than Fresh Brew. I can;t wait to do a review on this, I really have found the perfect nude for me

So that's what the Stratfield MAC store held for me. What do you think of my whole softer colours inititative???