Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rae of Sunshine: Mellow Yellow

This week's looks are all based around a request from Pelumi-Rae, owner, creator and writer for Care For Your Hair.

Care For You Hair is a great Hair blog all about embracing and caring for natural hair, so if any of you are thinking about going natural, already rocking natural hair or just want a few pointers on organic hair products and concoctions, then Pelumi-Rae is a girl you want to schmooze up to.

Now Pelumi-Rae asked me to do a Yellow eye inspired look and I really did have to rack my brains on what to do as I don't actually ever wear yellow *flashback of wearing yellow and chased by bees . . . shudders*. So to hopefully encompass everything about this bright, bubbly colour, I am going to posting three different looks this week. All yellow yet all slightly different from each other. I posted the first look on Monday, but make sure to check back on Friday for the last look.

After the bright colours in Monday's Rae of Sunshine: Sunset Look, I thought I should tone it down just a tad and do something that can be worn everyday. This look is really, really easy and mixes yellow and brown to make a really flattering, sunny look.
 I started off with Illamasqua's Cream Eyeshadow in Linger as my base covering my eye from lid to browbone and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yellow was popped onto my lid. With this look I'm starting from the browbone and worked my way downwards. Using MUA's Eyeshadow in 17 Matte Pearl as my brow-highlight, I blended this downwards and then using the same brush, applied MAC's texture in between the browbone and crease to act as a transition. Placing  MAC's Chromeyellow all over my eyelid,  I went into my crease and Vee with MAC's handwritten taking care to make sure that I blended this dark brown into my yellow eyeshadow as well as my Texture eyeshadow transition. MAC's fluidline is Blacktrack and a pair of eyelashes finished off this look.
Base - Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadow in Linger
Eyelid Base - NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yellow
Eyelid - MAC Chromeyellow
Crease - MAC Handwritten
Transition - MAC Texture
Browbone - Make Up Academy Eyeshadow in 17 Matte Pearl
Eyeliner - MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Now if this look isn't yellow enough I really do not know what is! I think this might have been what Pelumi-Rae had in mind when she asked me to do yellow, Is this yellow enough for you?