Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Let's make Joseph Kony more Famous that the Simpsons!!!!

I am not an Activist.

But honestly, you don't need to be an activist to hear about something and know in your gut that it's wrong and want to bring awareness to the cause to bring about Change.
Picture Source: Invisible Children Facebook Page
Kony is conducting crimes against humanity for no other purpose than to increase his own power. He is tearing apart families, communities and a country apart for his own selfish and conceited reasons. The thought that him and his Lord's Resistance Army would kidnap little kids, give them a gun and force them to kill or mutilate their own families is just . . . . I honestly just can't seem to understand the twisted mechanics behind this.
When watching this video, I was beyond words and had to keep starting and stopping the video because I felt it was just too overwhelming. I can't express how angry and disgusted I am that he has been allowed to do this practically unchallenged for so long!! 30 YEARS! 30,000 Children! What the Hell!!!! 

The depth of the psychological damage that these children, adults and country have had to suffer, and will continue to suffer for many years to come as a result of this CRIMINAL'S immoral actions is just difficult to comprehend.

I am not going to drag this post on for too long, all I can say is spread the awareness and support.

Join the Invisible Children Facebook Page, Sign their Pledge, Make a Donation, Post a status, make a tweet, even make a Blog post or a Youtube video . . Just do something!! Joseph Kony must be stopped and 2012 is the year to do it.