Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Review:- GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation and Eye Primer

This month, I've really been trying to focus on my skincare, because it is soooooo cold outside and I can literally feel the moisture under my makeup being sucked out of my face. So to combat this problem, I've invested in primers

Makeup primer is mean to be a beauty geek's best tool in keeping your makeup looking in place for longer, as it is basically a product that prepares your face for any type of makeup you might put onto it, and acts like a layer between your face and makeup. I normally use GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer, but I ran out back when I was in uni (I'm talking March 2011) and I just haven't had a reason to replace it until recently.

I actually can't believe I forgot about this product!!! It's absolutely fantastic and my skin feels so gorgeous after using it. The primer comes in a matte, colourless gel and while it supposed to be scentless . . it wasn't!!!! I do think it actually stinks a little but the smell does wear off after a few minutes. I really do love this foundation primer as it stays true to it's name and does make my skin feel like velvet.

*strokes cheeks*

The GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Primer was a new buy for me (and a bit of an impulse buy for me). Like the foundation primer it comes in a matte, colourless and *this time* odourless gel, but I honestly wasn't impressed with this product. I found it to be a bit greasy and a tad bit heavy. I don't think it actually held my eye makeup very well, as the pigmentation of my eyeshadows has not lasted as long as it normally does since  I've started using this product. However *and I find this a bit odd* it does hold my brow powders in place for longer so I think I will incorporate it as a base for my eyebrow powders in the near future but it's not going anywhere near my eyes!!!!

Purchase Details
You can buy both the GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation and Eye Primer on the Gosh Website or in Superdrugs. They retail for £12.99 and £9.99 respectively