Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Highlighting And Contouring Goss Makeup Artist Style

If you know your Youtube Make up Guru's then you HAVE to know about Goss Makeup Artist. He is absolutely Phenomenonal!!

Through immense stalking his Youtube Channel, he has taught me so many of hints and tips that I have are easily adapted into anyone's makeup routine. I swear he is truly a Social Media God-send.

One of my favourite Youtube videos of his, is his How to Highlight and Contour Your Face Video in which he uses cream foundations to create a natural looking highlight and contour without having to reach for a powder once. I think what he did was absolutely fabulous especially as when he is piling it onto his model's face, you get a lil nervous think 'Holy S**t! What is he doing to that poor ladies face??!' but in true Goss Fashion, he knows what he is doing and she comes out looking great.
With my face, I have really high cheekbones so I have a natural under the cheek contour, which is probably why I don't own any bronzers and make do with my Sleek Contour Kit but highlighting is really a problem for me as no matter what I seem to do, I can not get it right!!! Either I'm drawing too much attention to my forehead (which I really hate) or my cheeks would be beaming like the yellow track light but the rest of my face looked dull . . . grey paint drying on the walls dull!!!!
I used the lighter concealer to frame my eyebrows,  highlight my nose, t-zone, above my cheeks and above my jawline while using the darker concealer underneath my cheekbone, my jawline and to frame my nose.
Although I didn't use as dark a concealer as I was instructed to in his video, the effects were . . . AMAZING!!!!! I'm definitely going to invest in a darker cream concealer just so I can try this technique again and see how it comes out.

Light Concealer: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW40
Dark Concealer:- Darkest Shade on E.L.F Complete Coverage Concealer
Foundation:- Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in No. 16

What do you think?? Willing to adopt the Goss Style of Highlighting and Contouring??