Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Comes Early & Primark Haul

Last week was Selfridges Annual Friends and Family's Christmas Comes Early event where anyone associated with  the store or any of their employees get a reusable voucher that can be reclaimed on almost any concession in the store.

On Clothing you got a 20% but with beauty you got a 10% discount

*cue evil laughter*

I know I'm meant to be on a self-inflicted makeup ban but a discount IS a discount.
 I planned to hit up Selfridges on the Saturday but after getting locked in my room (click here to read about that fiasco) I didn't really feel up to it, So on Sunday, I popped over and went straight to the MAC Makeup Counter but the counter was sooooo busy and the Makeup artists where giving me some serious air-time (as always) *I know MAC Makeup artists have a reputation for being rude but Selfridges MAC Makeup Artists take the biscuit and tea . . and the teapot*

No worries on my part because I popped on to my personal favourite counter - Illamasqua, where I had a lovely consultation with the make up artist who was super nice and helped me pick out an everyday creme blush (which I was after), an eyeshadow in Savage (which I wasn't) and gave me a consultation on a foundation powder that would be good for hot climates.
Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Savage
Illamasqua Blush  in Betray
I love it

Since Selfridges and Primark are in a walking distance from each other and I needed some tights (I'm stacking up for when winter eventually hits). I flounced over to primark where I got some great goodies.
When I saw this cute red retro bag going for £5, I actually yelped in happiness!!! It's sooooo cute!!!!
I also saw these cute earrings going for £1 . . . and I had to have them