Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Weirdest Saturday EVER!!

I've actually had the weirdest Saturday EVER!!!!!

I actually got locked IN my room!! The door handle fell right off the door and the little square rod was nowhere to be seen

I'm super lucky that I wasn't the only one in my house as I honestly don't know how long I would have been trapped in there but that didn't mean I got a speedy release.

Of all the times for my mum to "Choose" to ignore me, she chose right then!!

She wouldn't pick up my phone calls to EITHER of her phones (her excuse later was that they were both dead . . .errr then why are they both on the charger and ON!!!). She didn't attempt to pick up the house phone despite it being in REACHING DISTANCE and she didn't respond to my screams and banging on the door (but in her defence she was on her sewing machine and I was two storeys above her).

I was stuck in my room for almost an hour and had nothing to do except tweet for help and  tidy my room.

In all honesty, I think my mum must have done something to lock me in my room . . I'm thinking like an ancient firm of mummy voodoo or a secret trigger or something as she's been bugging me for the last two weeks to tidy my room.

But come on, it's not that bad . . right???
It might look a bit bad . . but at least I made my bed