Friday, 14 October 2011

BB Cream - Rant!!!!

Ok, Im about to have a little rant right now so if you don't want to read this I suggest you close this page right now!!

BB Creams!!!

The master technology that claims to act as a primer, a balm and a foundation that is currently taking most of the UK by storm. Now please notice the emphasis I have put into the word 'most' because despite the UK and especially London claims to be highly multicultural and diverse. I still can't seem to find a BB cream that can be used on dark aka black skin.

Yes, I know options in the UK are quite limited in comparison to the USA and even Japan (home of the BB Creams) but honestly I couldn't given a flying reindeer about that.

Garnier, who has the most accessible and affordable BB cream on the UK market, didn't even think of including a dark range in their BB creams. Think I'm joking then check out their website. In both Boots and Superdrug you can only find Garnier BB creams in light or medium.

UNE, does  coms the closest to matching anything close to my skin tone (and thats not saying much as it is still a LOOOONG way off). It has no spf and is more of a cream compact foundation than a BB cream
And finally MAC! MAC, I am soo very disappointed in you. Mac is the last stop destination for women of colour and even they didn't offer a BB cream in a suitable colour. On the MAC Website, they boast that their Prep + Prime beauty balm 'is lightly tinted in a sheer beige tone to work on an array of complexions' . . yeah . . . well . . . NOT!!!! If I wore anything beige as a foundation or under my foundation, I honestly believe people would stop me in the street asking if there is either something wrong with me or if I was sick.
Now people could read this and say I am making a big deal out of nothing but I honestly dont believe I am. If you are going to put something on the market and plug a whole lot of PR and Advertising into it then you should make sure it can be used more the majority of skin-tones. Because honestly anyone who has a seriously deep tan/ happens to have dark skin (whether Asian, African, Caribbean, South American or mixed race) and live in the UK,would find that they can't reap the benefits of the BB cream phenomenon . . .Well until they happen to bring out a new shade next year then reset the whole bb cream hullabullo hype to drum up sales, instead of bringing out all the right shades AT THE SAME TIME LIKE THEY WERE MEANT TO!!!

Ok . . . rant done