Friday, 1 March 2013

Know Your Ingredients | Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride is the ‘Big Bang Theory’ way of saying Table Salt. Sodium Chloride is used by many cosmetic brands as a cheap (yet effective) thickener & binding agent in cleansing products, so it is VERY common to see this listed in shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gels as it makes the formula look thick and “luxurious”
I think this is the ingredient that made me laugh when I found out what it was, when going through my beauty products looking for common beauty product ingredients to base this series on as it just seemed like I was taking my salt shaker off my dining room table and sprinkling salt all over my hair (Yes, my imagination has it's weird moments)

Is It Safe??

I personally haven’t come across any concrete evidence against the use of sodium chloride in cosmetics. Obviously if you excessive amounts it might cause eye and skin irritations and dry out your hair but let’s face it everyone knows too much salty food is bad for you so it is common sense to associate this concept with haircare and skincare.

I have no problem using products with Sodium Chloride in it. Products like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray is defiantly a favourite when I want to get that Beach Tousled look with my extensions but honestly I wouldn’t recommend using it often or you might end up with hay masquerading as hair.

I know this is a fairly short 'Know Your Ingredient’ post but at least you know that this is one of the safest ingredients in use and there is no need for mass hysteria  and binning your favourite products when you come across it.