Monday, 25 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 25: Supermarket Kisses

Can’t believe that in 3 days time my #28kisses Lipstick Challenge will be done and dusted!! Personally, I’m a bit relieved as my lips are starting to feel extra chapped right now but I have a feeling that by tomorrow, I’ll have changed my mind.

Today’s kiss is going to be another budget lipstick hailing from the aisles of Tesco’ supermarket . . . No, . . . Really, this lipstick is from Tesco.
 Vivo Cosmetics are a Tesco-stocked brand; featuring eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses, primers etc., that can be found in large Tesco stores. I’ve had this lipstick for a year plus but have never worn or swatched it. Why? Because for a Very Berry lipstick, this shade isn’t very berry at all.
Vivo Cosmetics Lipstick in Very Berry is a £1.99 sheen pink lipstick which follows the rule of many drugstore lipstick which have this weird kind of frost to it. I have seen swatches of this lipstick on bloggers who have a lighter skintone that I do and while you see a strong wine tone in their swatches but I'm afraid that the 'red' tone isn't pigmented enough to show on my skin which is a bit of a bummer
I'm not really a fan of this lipstick and it really doesn't do much for me to be honest. Have you tested out any of the Vivo products?? Would you recommend a different shade for me to try out that would be much more pigmented?