Thursday, 21 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 21: Mystical Kisses

Time to get mystical now that I am finally up to date with the #28kisses Lipstick Challenge, I was starting to think that I never would. To celebrate my posting more in 2 days than I tend to do in a whole week, I thought I should choose what has become my absolute favourite lipstick bright purple lipsticks as my kiss of the day.
Sleek Makeup's True Colour Lipstick in Mystic is a vitamin E enriched matte purple lipstick that I can never find because it is always hiding away in my bag, purse, coat or jeans pocket and if it wasn't for the blog wife's recommendation, I never would have picked up this shade last year but I'm so grateful for her expert blogger intervention because I love Mystic something fierce!!!!

I have heard alot of people compare this to the Ruby Woo in terms of formulation but I think that they are slyly exaggerating because Ruby Woo feels like some kind of sandpaper and this doesn't. I do admit that it does have thick formulation but I still feel that my lips can breathe under it (not that lips breathe of course)
While I'm still finding my feet in terms of bright lipstick that I like (recent bright lippie convert), this is probably the only bright lipstick that I can wear out of my house without my parents wondering if they are completely alright in the head loool but I'm guessing they have just gotten used to my colour choices now. I am leaning towards my bright purples, blue-tone pinks and raspberry-reds in terms of brights but Mystic definitely kicked off my love affair.
I've heard that some people find the overly matte formula of the Sleek Makeup True Colour lipsticks too drying, especially as you have to drag it over your lips. Do you feel that Mystic is just too drying a lipstick to love?