Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bigger and Better : Nude Eyeliner Tutorial

As I’m on a spending ban and forcing myself to divert my body away from my favourite beauty hunts, I have been experimenting with my eyeshadows and makeup looks . . .Is this my way of saying I will be bombarding you with makeup looks and tutorials til the 11th of April . . . YES!!!!

I have been experimenting with eye pencils as I have a few beautiful shades that I haven’t dedicated any blog space to, so I’m shopping the stash and reaching for my pencil sharpener.

According to Laalaa, I’m the proud owner of Bambi Eyes . . . can’t actually add anything more to that statement. My eyes are huge and have something cartoon like about them. (Anime ladies haven’t got anything on me *snaps fingers*)

Nude/flesh tone eyeliners are a great way to open up eyes and are considerably less harsh on medium to dark tones than wearing white eyeliner, but let’s just pause and consider this for a second, knowing how big my eyes are, why do I own a nude eyeliner??

Because I want to look like a DOLL!!!!!!!

Nude eyeliner is very versatile as it can highlight and open your eyes, if used the right way. Using my nude poison of choice; Illamasqua’s Medium Pencil in Hex, I’m going to show you three super easy ways of making the most out of a nude pencil.

 photo 3_ways_to_wear_nude_eyeliner_black_girl_dark_skin__line_under_eye_illamasqua_hex_zpse66fa9e2.png
 photo 3_ways_to_wear_nude_eyeliner_black_girl_dark_skin__under_eyebrow_highlight_illamasqua_hex_zpsef22ab95.png
 photo 3_ways_to_wear_nude_eyeliner_black_girl_dark_skin__tear_duct_illamasqua_hex_zpsbf37b7f7.png
Easy-Peasy Right???

I’ve been using this pencil more and more as a brow-bone highlighter as I haven’t really been wearing much makeup (I sacrificed my makeup application time for more time in bed *I regret NOTHING!!!!*), but I hope you liked this mini tutorial and let me know what you think? Should I do more??

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