Sunday, 3 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 3: Salacious Kisses

Day 3 and a little bit of proof that I actually do use my lipsticks.
I normally only ever post pictures of my lipstick when they are brand new and never been worn or swatted, so I guess it might seem to many that I only use it once or twice and dump it in a container somewhere (not the case!!!). If I'm shelling out of my own pocket for something then I'm going to buy it for ME not just for the purpose of blogging.
This gooey lipstick is the result of a lot of love and too much time spent in my various coat pockets but once upon a time it could be identified as Illamasqua's Salacious lipstick. A lipstick so bold and bright on my lips that I never could decide if it was a coral red or a raspberry red . . . *tilts head to the left and right * Nope, I still can't tell.

This shade is probably one of the best shades available for darker skinned ladies from Illamasqua (the other being Diablo) and I would recommend it 110%!!!

Does your lipstick start looking like mine after a bit too much love? Or am I standing out on a ledge by myself here?