Friday, 18 January 2013

A Great Combination or Utter Stupidity?

With what looks like a snow blizzard outside the comfort of my office, why am I seeing certain individuals (not saying any names throwing major side-eyes over my desktop screen) strolling into the office wearing sunglasses.

Now I understand that I would probably have to dig out my shades (or just buy new ones) when the snow has finally settled as the glares from the sun hitting the snow can be almost blinding but I don’t really understand the reasoning behind wearing sunglasses with falling snow . . . wouldn’t the darker lenses obscure your sight?

Well it doesn’t matter anyway because I have some great news!!!!

I’m going to:-


Yup yup, the country where the roads are actually melting. I’m not going now unfortunately but during the summer but I am soo excited to go there even if it is across the world from me . . . and I’m a hearing stories of a 24hour airplane flight  . . . and sharks live there . . .

Seeing as sunglasses should be cheaper in winter compared to the summer (logical, non?), I’m going to get myself the Dolce & Gabbana Aviator Sunglasses in Gunmetal Grey and hide them in my suitcase til June. 

I'm sooo happy about going to Australia. . . I get to meet a real life Joey!!!