Friday, 17 August 2012

Review:- Becca Stick Foundation in Almond

What I love most about being a beauty blogger is running across different brands and products that I would be never have heard or thought about, which are actually perfect for me and my skin. To be honest I didn't know anything about Becca Cosmetics until last yeast which is a real shame as they are an Australian Brand in the UK best known for having a shade match for virtually every skintone.

 They offer 30 shades in a variety of coverages and undertones, and stock foundations at least 4 shades darker than what I wear (FYI that is a very BIG DEAL)

I picked up Becca’s Stick Foundation in Almond and their Foundation/Concealer Brush in #58 (which works as a perfect tool for this foundation) at the Keziah Connections Event held at the Becca South Kensington Flagship Store and I’ve said this on twitter, instagram and to anyone who has asked about my makeup in the last few weeks, this foundation is literally my skin colour cloned and stuck into a foundation tube. It is just flipping spot on!!!!!

You might think that I’m hyping up yet another product and being a bit over the top but just look at the swatch I took it’s virtually undetectable!
So I decided to try and give you another view of how it looks like on my face
 The Becca Stick Foundation has a controllable sheer to medium coverage with a SPF 30 (it’s Australian Remember), has a non-powder based formulation and has the added bonus of containing anti-oxidant vitamins A,D & E.

On one hand I am surprised that there aren’t more reviews on this product online as I feel its flipping fantastic but on the other hand with a price tag of £35 it is very expensive. I got this foundation on a 20% offer on account of the event but regardless it is one of the most expensive stand alone products in my collection

But then again, is price really an issue? How much would you spend to get a foundation that was so on point with your skintone that you can’t even tell which areas of your face you’ve used it on?