Friday, 6 July 2012

Posts I'm Reading This Week.

I’ve had a pretty stressful week so far, especially with chasing around Thomas & John trying to get their posts and pictures sorted for a Leather Studded Jacket. The fashion blog collaboration idea seems to be back on after taking a backseat for the majority of May and June but at least the motivation to do one is still there.

Moving on from that, it’s mostly been me bouncing off the walls heavily skittles-nated, enduring the claustrophobic conditions of the London Underground and trying to find the time to read ‘Some Kind of Fairytale’ for this months bookclub.

With my ever increasing workload and finding less time to think up posts (bloggers writers block has hit me hard), I’m going to share a few posts that I’ve read this week which you NEED to check out for yourself.
This week Rosie at The Londoner got to design her own pair of Nike Trainers, how frikking cool is that??! Apparently Nike provides a service where anyone can design their ideal trainer . . . I’m not exactly the biggest trainer fan but I have to check this out!!!

Will probably get dragged along by one of the guys once I tell them about this.

Why do darker skinned ladies feel that certain blush colours wouldn’t suit them?? Honestly, this is an age old question that I couldn’t even begin to start answering as I remember the shock on my friends face when I was telling them about an orange blush I’m in love with. Derin takes a big, flying step on Wonders of Beauty to answer this by sharing of her favourite blushes for darker skin, and reminds us that plum and berry shades are not the only things dark skin can get away with.

Emily lets us know why women's magazines are bad for your blood pressure. In a brilliant and witty post on Incurably Curious, she  takes the time to breakdown all the crap and generic bullshit (excuse the language) that pops up in the 50,000 adverts, crap recommendations and advice to be sexual promiscuous that are forced down our throat in Women lifestyle magazine . . . I think I need a Jasmine tea

Have you ever bought a makeup product then a few hours later a Youtube guru posts a makeup tutorial based on that product?? Call it Deja-vu, a coincidence or the Makeup gods playing with my head, Jennie uses her makeup magic on a tutorial using MAC's Club eyeshadow which looks absolutely amazing!!! Might try and post a response makeup look this weekend

Last but in no way least, a bit of DIY is being added to the mix. Switch over to Love Aesthetics and you will find a great DIY tutorial for floating denim jeans. I just love the effect and idea of this. Although Ivania used white denim in her tutorial, I would love to try these out on some grey tie-dyed pair of jeans or maybe tie it in with a combat jacket. Loving the possibilities