Friday, 1 June 2012

June update

Hi everyone,

Time to update you lovely people on a few things going on at the moment.

First things first, If you take a sneaky peek at my Page, you’ll notice a few things have changed (or are going to).
I’ve added two new pages to my pages toolbar and will also be adding a few sneaky badges to the sidebar.

The First page I’ve added is a "Wishlist” Page and this is a bit of fun on my end to try and curb my excessive makeup spending habit and also so you as a reader can get an insight into the type of products I go for and what my buying habits are. Also I thought this would be a great way to get your opinions and reviews on product I’m thinking of getting.

The Second page is a "Request Page" and this is solely for your use (PR’s stay out!). Long story short, the ‘Make A Request’ page is there for you to have more of an input in what I blog about. If you would like me to review, swatch, try or get an allergic reaction to a product, so you can make an informed choice the next time you are on the highstreet or in a beauty hall, then fine by me!

I’m going to be redecorating my room this weekend, yaaaaaaay!!!!!! At the moment, it’s a hideous canary yellow/ bright orange hybrid that I inherited off my younger sister.

Looks a lot like this actually
Scooby doo-monster courtesy of
I’m going to be painting it an egg-shell white with brown and gold wall vinyl birds and cherry blossoms swept across the room. I really can’t wait to get started, I’ve already started stocking up on new furniture

Round and Round and Round, it goes . . . .
Have a feeling this is going to be a mad holiday but I prefer mad to dull.

If anyone knows a great home/furniture blog or online store, pass the URL this way! My room is going to be my project for the next month so help me make it somewhere I’m happy to sleep in.