Thursday, 31 May 2012

Brother's With No Game: Web Series Teasers

As much as I love to talk and stock up on beauty, sometimes it can get very monotonous and I need something that is in no way beauty related to make me giggle and add something fresh to my newsfeed.

Brother's With No Game is a relationship and lifestyle blog run by 4 guys who discuss, deliberate and dissect thoughts and topics ranging from Family, to Dating & Relationships to How to spot a minor. What I love about this blog is just how flipping FUNNY these guys are! BWNG is a very eccentric and eclectic mixture and plus they tend to come to the same conclusions I do, so it's all love.

Anyway moving on to the main point of this post. BWNG are launching a web series which officially premieres on the 11th of June and to get the buzz going, they released a set of teasers featuring the brothers (which by the way are freaking hilarious)

So stay tuned and subscribe to their YouTube channel