Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Today's look is a bit of a random one, as it is the last look I did before I chopped off my hair, so if you are thinking I thought this chick's hair is gone . . it has . .this is look was just done the day before the big chop.
I've really been racking my brains on what to call this look. I really get an exotic fishie look from this, so I thought instead of calling it 'exotic fishie' *my post title puns are really hitting the bottom of the barrel today* or mermaidness *a mixture of mermaid and randomness* . . . I thought I should go for mermaidness. After all who doesn't like mermaids???
Browliner:- MAC Stud
Brow Powder:- HD Brow Palette in Vamp

Highlight:- MAC Eyeshadow in Wedge
Base:- NARS Burnt in Blue (darker shade)
Eyelid (1/3) - MAC Eyeshadow in Steamy
Eyelid (2/3) - MAC Eyeshadow in Blue Calm
Crease:- Mixture of MAC Eyeshadow in Submarine and Helen E Eyeshadow in Dark Blue
Vee:- MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon
Tearduct: - Illamasqua Eyeshadow Pigment in Marvel
Bottom Lashline:- Helen E Eyeshadow in Dark Blue
Eyeline:- Makeup Academy (MUA) eyeliner in Black
Hope you like this look and let me know if you do or don't  . . Remember Feedback is key :)