Thursday, 19 January 2012

Swept away by YS Jewellry and EOTD

I love jewellry . . . I love feathers . . . .and if you can make this connection . . I absolutely ADORE jewellry that has feathers on it, which is why I am head over heels in love with my recent purchase of earrings from YS Jewellry.

YS Jewellery is all about providing high statement jewellery that compliments any outfit and making said outfit POP!!! They have a great stock of jewellery that changes regularly and ranges from Earrings to Bracelets and  Super cute Necklaces. YS Jewellery was recently launched as an affordable range of high quality, handmade jewellery by a friend of mine (who has the best taste in clothes . .*and shoes*)

Like I mentioned before I adore earrings with feathers so I was thrilled when these came in the post. The first pair I chose were these gorgeous pair of orange and brown peasant earrings.They are perfect for an everyday look because they just seem to blend with my skin tone. I got sooo many compliments on this pair of earrings in Nigeria, it was surreal.
I then chose a single green feather earring, which came in just the right shade of green . . . an absolutely gorgeous pair. I actually can't stop wearing these . . not only are they my favourite shade of green but they are sooo different to any earrings I currently own
I am soooo in love with this pair that I've done a YS inspired Green and Brown EOTD look based on these earrings . . . Green is such a hot colour!!!!!
 If you want to see more pictures from the YS Jewellry Collection then check out their facebook page or their website

Disclaimer:- I bought these earrings with my own money.