Monday, 24 October 2011

100 things to do before I bite the dust

While scrolling through some many different blogs, I 've noticed a lot of bloggers have put up a list of 100 things they would like to do before they hit the dust. Having gone through a few of them, I actually love this idea as it gives a little list into the bloggers aspirations and desires for their individual lifetime.

So like the little sheep I am *baaaaaaaah* I am going to make 10 weekly posts listing 10 things I would like to do and add all my things to a page so you can have a look at them again at a later date

1 – Get a driver’s license
2 – Get a car (no point having a driver’s license without a car)
3 – Get a PAYING PR job (internships = forever broke)
4 – Set up my makeup website venture
5 – Build on my Musee Hair extensions venture
6 – Grow a fringe
7 – Get superpowers
8 – Buy a gym membership and ACTUALLY go to the gym more than once
9 - Train to be a Ninja assassin
10 – Visit 20 European Capitals

To keep an eye on what I would like to do before I bit the dust, keep checking the page in the coming weeks -  here