Wednesday, 10 August 2011

London's Burning . . . .

I know I've did a rant recently but I'm just warning you again before I get into this, that this is going to be a rant and if you don't want to read this, I don't really care because at the end of the day it's my community and my city that's going up in flames and being degraded by the very people it's trying to invest in
I was initially going to write this post a few nights ago but I was just too drained and emotionally haggard to even press the send botton, but as I'm not anymore. I just want to comment on the way the British Governemnt and Officials handled this problem in the early days. . . honestly If I was God and paying their bills I would sack all of them!!! Especially David Cameron!!! How is the British Prime Minsiter refusing to come back from his holiday during a time of unrest in his own country, and when he FINALLY touches British soil 3 days late, the media all hail him like he did such a huge thing??!! No it was not huge, policemen were pulled off their leave/holidays within the first 24 hours of the riots and they had a much more volatile time of it. I mean rioters were shocking bricks and fire at them!!!!
Next thing that I had a huge problem with, is the moral decay of certain individuals in the British Community. Life has certainly been a bit too easy for you, making claims that youre rioting and looting because there is no jobs and the government has failed you and all this woohaaa but lets be serious where else except the UK do you have free healthcare, council housing, benefits, free educational, free travel on the bus services. Yes you might be relatively poor but how poor can you really be if you are rocking £300 blackberry's and £500 ipods (or however they cost). You are not poor!!! You might not be able to buy everything you like but you are still a lot better off than a lot of people in the world, so get off your high horse.

I'm still furious of what has happened rght now, and the fact that 5 days on it still hasn''t ended but I want to give a round of applause to all the people working in our Emergency Services, who are risking their life and safety trying to remedy these attack *huge applause*

With this I will be leaving you with a few pictures on how moral decayed, selfish people have destroyed and damaged my community

Disclaimer - All Footage and Pctures used in this post are not my own, but all where chosen as they showcased the damage, rioting and looting taking place in Woolwich SE18 (London) - Majority of pictures taken (with permission) from the facebook album of  Trevor Maskery