Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Holy Grail of Bargains . . . .

Here I was, doing my daily rounds of shifting through my favourite blogs, when a post from Katie of  Lady from a Tramp, struck my eye. Ruby and Millie Brushes at Boots where going for £1.66 or 44p at local Boots stores!! *heavenly chords being played at this point* 
  So of course, hearing this lil info I decided to leg it all the way to my nearest Boots (in the pouring rain *might I add*), praying the whole time that the Ruby and Millie i-Define Brush was still in stock because me and that brush . . . .well I don't like to toot my own horn but magical things happen when we are together loool
When I got there they only had one i-Define brush left, an eye brush and a lip brush . . . I was a little bit gutted because I actually wanted at least 3 or so of the i-Define brushes as they are such good quality and I seem to go through them *i.e. lose them* very quickly. I did get the last brush (obviously) and I also picked up the lip brush because I loved the feel and shape of it . . . the eye brush however was going NOWHERE near my shopping trolley (lets face it that eye brush lets down the whole range).
Made it to the till and sure enough the brushes have gone from approx £7 to £1.66 to 44p loooool. The lady at the checkout actually put the brushes through the system 3 TIMES because she thought it was a mistake

 *LOVE IT!!!*

Random Thought - Are Boots pushing out Ruby and Millie from their stores? *hmmmmm*