Friday, 17 June 2011

It's all about the Honey . . .

This is numuero uno of my blog reviews on the samples I've recieved from Earth's hairdressing beauty event. This sample is from the Melvita range, which is an organic UK brand that uses honey (from their hives), roses and other gentle, organic ingredients to create an animal-cruelty free beauty range that works.

Now I won't ever review a product I have not actually used, but as I've had a facial with these products and have also used these products over the weekend, I think I've got the hang of them

Cleansing Miscellar Water


Cleansing Miscellar Water (RRP £20) - Now if I hadn't used this product in my facial, I really don't think I would have known exactly what to do with it, or what it was for.
Over the week, I've been using this as a toner and a replacement for my make up wipes (which I can't find due to moving) and I think it actually works quite well. It's very light and I haven't reacted to it which is an added bonus
Rose Nectar Day Cream (RRP £24) 
I don't have anything amazing to say about the day-cream to be honest, after all its just a cream not a miracle in a bottle. It does what it is supposed to and has the added bonus of smelling like roses

Rose Nectar Day Cream


I love the packaging for this line because it is so clean and simple, and does not use any hyper active colours. I think in this day and age, minimal packaging says alot about the company values and their brand, as it is not trying to overwhelm the consumer and drown us with bright energetic colours loool

Overall Rating - 3 stars

I'm combining the facial score and the sample score in this rating, and I would have given it a much higher rating but the facial left my skin too shiny, and also left a waxy residue on my face which bugged me, because everytime I rubbed my face something peeled off!!! I'm not sure exaclty which of their products did this but I'm not going to degrade their whole line because of this, as my face did feel great (waxy residue aside). I absolutely love the Cleansing water and I'm going to purchase a full size product. I don't have much to say abut the rose day cream only because I don't fancy the smell of roses and I don't suffer from dry skin so I tend not to use day creams normally and honestly speaking this product won't make me start now